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    28th March 2016

    Swim With Mike Campaign 2016

    My personal Swim With Mike campaign for 2016 is going to be short and focused. I try not to wear out my welcome with my friends and family by pushing Swim With Mike too much or too often, but everyone knows that Swim With Mike is an organization that is near and dear to my heart.

    If you want to know why Swim With Mike is so important to me, you can listen to me talk about the organization in a radio interview from 2012 here:

    Or you can read my speech from the 2012 Swim With Mike here:

    Or you can see the infographic I made to send out to friends and family last year:

    Whether or not you are convinced by the above, what you SHOULD do NOW is open a new browser tab and read about the current Swim With Mike recipients:

    Or go to the Swim With Mike facebook page and look at pictures of all the people positively affected by Swim With Mike:

    And then you should donate. Or sign up to swim and do your own fundraiser, because it doesn’t matter to me whether I bring the money or you bring the money. What matters to me is that young men and women are given a second chance to be successful and are given the motivation to get up and try again after being knocked down.

    Will you join in with me in making that second chance possible for the next generation of Swim With Mike recipients?

    11th April 2015

    My Year by the Numbers…


    8th April 2015

    Swim With Mike GIF!

    Swim With Mike GIF

    Swim With Mike is this Saturday! Still time to support my swim:

    12th April 2012

    On JT the Brick for Swim With Mike tonight…

    Tonight I’m doing a call-in “appearance” to talk about Swim With Mike on JT the Brick, a nationally syndicated sports talk show, at 10:45 PST (11:45 MST). If you’re in LA you can listen at AM 570, Fox Sports Radio; if you’re in Colorado you can hear the show on 104.3 the fan!

    And I would love if someone recorded it somehow, but no pressure internet.

    #32nd Annual Swim With Mike

    24th April 2011

    Trip to LA/USC/Swim With Mike: Report #1

    I went to LA last weekend for the big Swim With Mike swim-a-thon fundraiser. I stayed with my friend Colin, who is another Swim recipient and is doing a grad program in landscape architecture at USC. That dude is amazing. I had a great time hanging out with Colin and his brother/brother’s wife and 21-month-old son.

    And then there was the Swim With Mike event itself. Which was crazy. And incredible. Hundreds of swimmers. Hundreds of volunteers – or at least it seemed like it. Maybe something like 50 recipients or alumni showed up. The USC marching band. The USC Song Girls. A relay race with football players racing football coaches across the pool… while they push Song Girls on inner tubes. (Whoever thought of that one? Hey, you know what will get people to donate?… We could have this relay race…).

    Oh, and over $1.3 million raised.

    Not bad for a swim-a-thon. The founders of the event are trying to set up a fund so they can have an endowed chairmanship position for when they decide to retire from working on the program, so this year’s fundraiser could go a little ways toward setting that up. All around, it was a pretty amazing weekend. I’ll have more story soon. Promise.

    Copyright 2005 by Daryl Holmlund - All rights reserved.