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    24th November 2015

    Eleven years and counting…


    Part 1: November 24, 2004. My life was forever changed that day and today marks eleven years that have passed. With the crazy pace of my life I don’t often stop and reflect on the accident, and I normally find myself too busy on the anniversary of the event to even remember that it was a November 24 when my life as I knew it was rebooted. This morning I missed my flight (1st time ever – bus and shuttle issues), so I’m taking a moment at the airport to reflect on these eleven years.


    Part 2: Thinking of the activities that used to bring me great joy (running, hiking, climbing, etc) does fill me with a sad sense of longing for a version of my life that I didn’t get to fully live, a reminder of loss of freedom and simplicity and innocence and identity. However, every time I consider my life or tell my story, I’m also reminded of how far I have come and how good and faithful God has been to me. He has blessed me in so many ways and this year I am particularly thankful for my family, church family, and friends. I wish you all safe travels, rich conversations, surprising adventures, and a sense of purpose and belonging during this holiday season!

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    One Response to “Eleven years and counting…”

    1. Dan Eisnor says:

      Hi Daryl,

      I was your RD at Calvin College many years ago and actually still think of you often. I remember watching
      you run, one time in particular, along the East beltline and you had an amazing smile on your face. It was if you were worshipping and praising the Lord as you ran. I am a pastor now and wanted to ask for your permission to share about your journey in a sermon series on perseverance. I would especially love the opportunity to use a few of your pictures
      in my sermon for power point. My number is 616-546-1021. Are you willing to give me a call? To prove that it is me and not some stranger, I remember a time
      where you sang in the dorm lobby and you wore a wig!

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