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    24th November 2015

    Eleven years and counting…


    Part 1: November 24, 2004. My life was forever changed that day and today marks eleven years that have passed. With the crazy pace of my life I don’t often stop and reflect on the accident, and I normally find myself too busy on the anniversary of the event to even remember that it was a November 24 when my life as I knew it was rebooted. This morning I missed my flight (1st time ever – bus and shuttle issues), so I’m taking a moment at the airport to reflect on these eleven years.


    Part 2: Thinking of the activities that used to bring me great joy (running, hiking, climbing, etc) does fill me with a sad sense of longing for a version of my life that I didn’t get to fully live, a reminder of loss of freedom and simplicity and innocence and identity. However, every time I consider my life or tell my story, I’m also reminded of how far I have come and how good and faithful God has been to me. He has blessed me in so many ways and this year I am particularly thankful for my family, church family, and friends. I wish you all safe travels, rich conversations, surprising adventures, and a sense of purpose and belonging during this holiday season!

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