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    26th July 2015

    #LBpwrout and fumigation

    The past two weeks have had two interesting developments.

    1) Last week there was a 3 day power outage caused by fire in several electrical vaults in downtown Long Beach. The whole downtown area was without power that time. For east coasters who are used to storms that doesn’t sound TOO crazy, but it sure threw southern California folks for a loop. Other than climbing the stairs to the 4th floor, it really wasn’t too bad and I enjoyed getting to know my neighbors a little bit as we all helped each other out and commiserated over our lack of power.

    The first night, especially, there were just tons of people out wandering about on the street with their cars stuck in garages and their buildings’ electronic access not working, not sure what exactly to do with the grocery store closed and most of the restaurants and bars closed, too. Fortunately, we were able to get in and out of my building via the stairs because the electronic access system for that door has a battery backup. Some of my neighbors brought chairs down and sat them down by the sidewalk in front of the building and just sat and talked. I went strolling out and about to see what else was happening and ended up talking to a few people and making a new friend. It reminded me a bit about what life can be like without phones and computers and TVs. I did some reading using a headlamp style hat each night, and it reminded me of camping as a kid or living up at Covenant Heights, doing everything by flashlights. Somehow it made me feel… reconnected… to the REAL world.

    2) So that was last week. The second development is that the building I livin in is getting fumigated for termites this weekend, so I’m staying with friends. This really isn’t so bad of course, but it is a bit annoying to be out of the house after more or less being out of the house for the power outage.

    A silver lining with having these two events back to back is that all the food in my fridge went bad during the power outage, and so I didn’t really have to think about what to keep and bag up with the special fumigation bags they gave us… and in the end I barely used any of the bags as I decided just to take all of my non-perishable items with me in my trunk. Which reminds me that I really need to get some applesauce out of my trunk before it heats up and explodes. It’s the one thing that I forgot to take from the trunk to the fridge at the place where I’m staying this weekend.

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