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    12th April 2013

    Swim With Mike/My Birthday 2013

    A week from today is my birthday – April 19 I will be 28. For my birthday present, why not give a dollar or 2 to sponsor me as a swimmer at the Swim With Mike swim-a-thon tomorrow? !

    Swim With Mike supports scholarships for individuals who were competitive athletes and then had life changes that caused permanent disability.

    click here to support my swim tomorrow!

    Oh, and PS, I suppose I haven’t written much lately, but I’ve been a little busy with 1) being really sick for about a month; 2) trying to do my job teaching high school teachers; and 3) going to the Grand Canyon for spring break.

    This next weekend is also the Long Beach Grand Prix, and the track is about a half mile from my building. Maybe less as the bird flies. There’s already all kinds of craziness going on – drift races and extra traffic. Though I’ve never been particularly interested in auto racing, I think it would be fun to check the event out since it’s in my neighborhood and they usually give free tickets for qualifying.

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