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    1st May 2013

    99 degrees of frustration…

    Today my students were supposed to turn in their descriptive essays and field journal pages detailing what pieces of nature they observed here in Los Angeles. My students had a low turn in rate all day. Most still needed to print their essays out, so I helped many of them do that.

    By the time 6th period arrived, I was tired and frustrated. I didn’t want to deal with noisy, whiny students, but the students came in noisy and whiny. Several students kept harping about the room being too hot and how I needed to turn on the AC, but I never change the thermostat because students are always complaining – it’s too hot or it’s too cold, sometimes both at the same time!

    After hearing one loud student complain for too long, I sent him to the hall where I discussed overcoming difficult situations and personal responsibility with him. Was the heat really making him loud or did he have a choice concerning his own behavior? Was he in control or was the heat? And how was he supposed to react to challenges? By complaining about it? Or be getting the job done anyway?

    He didn’t like the line of reasoning I presented but agreed to come in and attempt to work quietly, so we both returned to the classroom.

    The thermostat in my room is on the wall by the door. I felt fine wearing a short sleeve dress shirt, but I was curious so I checked it on my way in. Some rapscallion had turned it up to 99 degrees and the temperature was already at 78. I quickly turned it down, trying not to let any of my students know that they had, in fact, won the battle over the AC for the day.

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