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    14th November 2012

    Mid-November – can you believe it?

    I was going to title this post “Grading, Parent Conferences, and Performance Evaluation…” But then I realized that, while I am in fact posting this during a session of our every five weeks parent conferences at my school (estoy practicando Espanol todo el dia), and I am also about to go through my fall performance evaluation, there have been some other great things I’ve been doing, too.

    I got in some great riding over the past weekends, going to Huntington Beach pier and back two weekends ago, and then going up to the West Fork of the San Gabriel to ride last Sunday followed by riding the bike paths from Rancho Palos Verdes to Marina del Rey and back on Monday. Then I did stay up grading until 2:30 in the morning, of course, but it was still worth it to get in some sweet rides.

    A final note before signing off of a short short entry, I’m excited to have my younger brother Michael coming to visit next week for Thanksgiving. Having a staycation in the area will be awesome: beach, food, riding, Notre Dame vs. USC, and who knows what else.

    Ok, back to my day job and another hour of parents wondering into my room!

    PS… I’m adding this post-parent-conferences to note that I’m either really tired or really proud or both, but I teared up when I told a student and his mom that because he’s been working hard, studying vocabulary and coming to tutoring sessions he got 19/20 on his quiz today he is no longer failing my class. So pumped for him.

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