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    6th January 2012

    Indoor Handcycle Training

    My neck of the woods in Los Angeles really isn’t woods at all. It’s the middle of the city, surrounded by traffic signals and cars and busses and craziness and almost entirely devoid of bikelanes. Because of this, I haven’t really been getting out to do much handcycling. I had been swimming at the USC pool, which is amazing, and also doing some lifting… but I missed being able to ride.

    So I put together a setup so I could ride my handcycle indoors. The video explains how I put it together and you can see a little of me starting a workout. (And hear an electronic song that I created last year and never released publicly!).

    P.S. I’m not actually in LA right now – still in Colorado visiting family for one more day… I’m not ready to go back. Not because I don’t like LA, but because I’m not ready to go back to the grind of student teaching and taking classes! So it goes. Anyone going to be somewhere between here and LA this weekend and wanna meet up on the journey?

    But first, one more day, full of promise.

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    One Response to “Indoor Handcycle Training”

    1. Graham says:

      Hi Daryl,

      I just saw this post. Do you still live in LA?

      If you are able to make it down to San Diego, we run weekly handcycle rides on Wednesday afternoons.

      Drop me a line if you get this.


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