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    13th April 2012

    In case you missed it…

    Ok, so.. If you missed it, or if you just found out and are intrigued, you can listen to the interview that I did last night on JT the Brick.

    And in a few hours I’m going to try to swim a couple miles at Swim With Mike. If you have money burning a hold in your pocket right now, let me help you out of it!Help me make it at least to $500 (I’m currently at $370)…

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    One Response to “In case you missed it…”

    1. daryl holmlund - Blog Archive » Swim With Mike Campaign 2016 says:

      […] If you want to know why Swim With Mike is so important to me, you can listen to me talk about the organization in a radio interview from 2012 here: […]

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