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    12th March 2012

    A little addendum to my last post…

    I’d like to say that 1) wow, the internet blew up with IC’s Kony 2012 campaign; and 2) whatever the tone of my previous post, I hope it’s understood that I am very happy that IC and Kony are getting this much attention.

    My friend Seth commented on my last post and finished with some insight that should not be overlooked: “But we all have to start somewhere with something specific, and do what we can.”

    When there is a flood coming down the canyon, it is easy to freeze up and forget that there are still steps you can take in the place you are right now. (First, start hiking uphill as fast as you can; second, keep moving uphill; third, pull as many people out of the water as you can /// An alternative: if you have a raft, carry it uphill as fast as you can; when the water comes, get ready to shred the gnar; also pull people out of the water if you can).

    Seth’s comment also reminded me of a message I have heard a few times from Gary Haugen, the president of International Justice Mission: Jesus asked only for what the boy had in his lunch pail that one day – and then used it to feed 5000. We don’t have to supply the miracle, only what we have. And that means starting somewhere specific.

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