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    2nd June 2012

    Summer 2012

    Time for a quick update on what I’ve been up to since I graduated and all of that:
    *Graduation was May 11
    *I had to move out of my apartment May 12.
    *We didn’t actually finish classes and student teaching until May 18.
    *I crashed in various places for my last week of school/student teaching.
    *I partied a little with my friends to celebrate being done.
    *I got an interview offer for Monday the 21st of May.
    *I went to the fashion district to buy a suit for the interview. This was an interesting experience. I’m sure I got sold and paid more than I needed to, but it was still interesting. There was a tailor right next door to make adjustments.
    *I went to the interview the morning of May 21.
    *After the interview I started driving back to CO.
    *I made it to Fort Collins around 7pm on May 22, in time to catch the tail end of Holmlund family reunion day 1.
    *Holmlund family reunion day 2, May 23.
    *During reunion day 2, I did a phone interview for the migrant education summer school in Linden, CA.
    *An hour later they called back, offered me the job, and told me I had to be in Stockton for fingerprinting on Friday the 25th…
    *The next morning I called HR and begged them to let me come the next week for fingerprinting. They relented. I rejoiced.
    *I got to spend more time with family and friends.
    *Tuesday, May 29, I drove to Reno. This country is wide and there is still a lot of space in Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada. I stopped twice during the 14 hour drive. Not bad.
    *Stayed at Harrah’s. Discovered that McDonald’s locations have free wi-fi! This was a key discovery for the successes of the past week. Used wi-fi on the street outside McDonald’s in Reno.
    *May 30, drove to Stockton, looked at some apartments, inquired about short-term leases, went to the San Joaquin County Office of Education for fingerprinting. Inquired about more apartments.
    *Stayed at America’s Best Value Inn. There were lots of nice people hanging out outside and around the motel. The guys staying above me were REALLY popular! They had a lot of friends and all night their friends kept stopping by for five or ten minutes and then leaving. Maybe it was their birthday or something!
    *There was a Taco Bell next to the hotel, so I tried to Doritos Locos Tacos… and was underwhelmed. But Taco Bell went well with watching the Heat-Celtics game.
    *Used the wireless at another McDonald’s location to apply for more full-time jobs and apartment hunt.
    *May 31, looked at an apartment in downtown Stockton – not bad and was on a month-to-month lease, which will be ideal in my situation.
    *Got a call saying that my credential recommendation from USC wasn’t showing up and that I wouldn’t be able to start work until it did.
    *Sat in a my car in the parking lot at another McDonald’s using the wireless looking up phone numbers to call to try to get the process expedited (I hate being an unpaid advertisement, but I just think I think it’s kind of funny that that is where I ended up going each time for wireless).
    *Success. Incredibly, success.
    *HR meeting to fill out paperwork at the SJCOE.
    *Turn in application for apartment building
    *Drive to LA. Crash at Colin and Fotos’ place again.
    *June 1: Pick up portfolio from the school I interviewed with – one of my friends from the MAT program got the job instead of me (good/bad news).
    *Hang out with Colin, Sharon, Fotos in Santa Monica; check out 3rd street, hit some happy hour, go to the top level of Santa Monica Place and have a picnic in the sweet food court area (picnic = sangria + red cups smuggled in).
    *Start a game of Lord of the Rings Risk back at Colin and Fotos’ place.
    *Abandon the game when the girls nearly die of boredom. Play Catchphrase instead.
    *Today, Saturday, June 2: Time to figure out where to store some of my stuff, pack more of it up to bring back to Stockton, and maybe see a few friends from the MAT tonight before driving again tomorrow/Sunday in the morning and then starting work on Monday.

    Copyright 2005 by Daryl Holmlund - All rights reserved.