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    26th April 2011

    Trip to LA/USC/Swim With Mike: Report #2

    Report #2 is really just going to be a funny/awkward story:

    I rode on the LA Metro bus lines from LAX (the airport) to the USC campus and back when I was out for Swim With Mike. I didn’t have any problems on the way from the airport to the school, but on the way back, there was a strange occurrence. To get on these buses, though I could stand up and get on using the handrails, they make people in wheelchairs use the pneumatic lift. Not a problem, usually.

    Well, when I went to catch the bus back to LAX after the swim-a-thon, the driver put the lift down and I got on it, but then the lift got stuck in the “down position” and would not move, which meant that the doors wouldn’t close and that meant the bus wasn’t going to go anywhere – which meant that everyone was going to get off that bus and wait for the next one… all the while staring at me who caused the bus to stop working. Fortunately, a bus driver from another line came and helped after a few minutes and he got the lift to work, and then I was able to get on and everyone else was able to get back on, and the people rejoiced in their own little ways – which included one lady trying to sell us pink bunny ears, 2/$5, real good deal.

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