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    2nd November 2011

    Three things for today…

    1. My voice has been a little hoarse all week because I went to the USC-Stanford football game on Saturday. Triple overtime thriller. That USC lost. The Coliseum was rocking for the whole game. And then it was totally deflated. But definitely the best football game I’ve ever watched in person. Seeing Nickell Robey’s pick six on Andrew Luck in the 4th quarter with time running down was the highlight, without doubt. Seeing a fumble recovered in the endzone by Stanford during USC’s posession on the third overtime period was the downer. Bring on Colorado, where my younger brother Mike will brave the cold to watch his beloved Buffs get shut down (I hope).

    2. I and another student-teacher from my program helped out at the Halloween dance on Friday at OHMMHS, the school where I’ve been assigned as part of the MAT program. I would not have predicted that every student in the building would rush to the dance floor on hearing the opening notes to the Spanish-language version of Achy Breaky Heart, but that is exactly what happened. Line dance insanity – and then the mix of the song went double time and the dance floor was a mass of movement.

    3. It’s 80 degrees outside my screen door right now. I’m going to try to get in a swim at McDonald Swim Stadium in a little bit before I go to my evening class. In spite of the growing stress I feel because I haven’t been getting all of my assignments done, all is not so bad.

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