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    22nd May 2011

    So this one time I moved to California…

    That’s right, I just up and moved to Los Angeles. It all happened so fast. I finished my classes at Colorado State last week and then drove out here with my brother Mike and two of his friends on Sunday – and really didn’t actually finish work for my CSU classes until after midnight on Sunday night, when I emailed an instructor from our Las Vegas hotel room – and then started classes at USC on Monday. Whew.

    And now it’s official, I’m a student in the Masters of Arts Teaching program at USC. It’s a 12-month masters + teaching license program that will be pretty intense… I have three classes through the summer that involve a lot of observing situations in the educational system and interviewing people involved with education in the neighborhood around a particular school.

    My start here at USC was less than prodigious in that the apartment I was assigned to for the summer had been seriously water damaged sometime in April. So when Mike, Jon, Kory, and I opened the door and entered, we crashed into a wall of stench. The next day I went back to the housing office and they moved me across the hall into a less moldy (not moldy at all, I think) apartment that also happens to have a better location with the back opening up onto the residential courtyard containing tables, chairs, and a couple of grills with charcoal. Excellent.

    I’m definitely not settled in yet because I was pretty lazy this past week – it was nice to rest a little bit after moving a million miles an hour for the past 16 weeks. Now it’s go time again. I have more things to tell the world about in the near future, so expect to hear from me again soon – but right now I need to get back to school work.

    ***A quick word of congratulations to the Loveland High School girls track team and Coach Q, who won the Colorado 5A state championship for the second straight year this past weekend! I’m always proud to see my high school track team doing well!***

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