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    16th October 2011

    I went for a little stroll around LA City Hall last night…

    Excuse me, is anyone in there?

    Sorry, this stall… er, Wall Str… er, City Hall… is Occupied.

    I went downtown last night to see my friend Chris, who is in LA for business for a few days. Parking was impossible to find near his hotel and I refused to pay the $3.50/.25 hour rate at the hotel garage – or any of the other nearby garage fees. So I decided to take Chris on a little adventure. He hopped in the car and we went down to LA City Hall, where there have now been folks camping out and protesting for 13 or 14 days, joining in with the movement started as “Occupy Wall Street”.

    It was about 10 p.m. and there were several hundred (really nice) tents and maybe between a thousand and two thousand people in the (no longer) green areas and steps surrounding City Hall (which has this slogan engraved on the pediment-like area on one side: “THE HIGHEST OF ALL SCIENCES AND SERVICES – THE GOVERNMENT”). The general impression I got was that the movement does not have much unity (as evidenced by these two semi-official websites for the LA movement: OccupyLA & OccupyLosAngeles). The most interesting thing about our walk around was probably looking at signs (“15 years ago we had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash, and Bob Hope – now we have NO JOBS, NO CASH, and NO HOPE”), but we also overheard arguments about international trade, banking bailouts, and an extended rant about 9/11 being a set up by the US Government. We also heard some interesting music, saw some old (65+) hippies dancing like teenagers, talked to a stoned middle-aged, middle-class woman who decided to come support the event with her lap dog, saw the biggest roach I have ever seen (and I’m not talking about a cockroach, I’m talking about a marijuana torch that a group was standing around, inhaling), and also saw a couple of guys taking pictures (and I think trying to hit on) a local news reporter. All in all an interesting trip.

    Read more/see pictures of Occupy LA from the LA Times.

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