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    27th September 2011

    Centennial Vision

    Ok, so for any of you friends and family out there that want to see a little into my world in California – the building I live in and some of the people who live there, many of whom are now friends – there is a curious music video that I helped create with some of the Occupational Therapy students that live in the same building as I do. The building I live in is called Centennial, but the reason the video is called OT Centennial Vision is because it was made as part of a contest through the Occupational Therapy Association of California honoring some sort of hundred-year-anniversary for OT. I’m not really sure what the deal is entirely, but my friends Amy, Maggie, and Yvonne rewrote the words to a song and somehow I got sucked into singing on the recording of that – and being in a few clips for the video.

    And… it actually turned out pretty stinkin’ good. Which is to say, it doesn’t stink. Nay, it rocks. In a funny, strange way. Aj Pyatak, whose wife Beth is the Resident Faculty member in our building, helped record the vocals with his gear (it was nice to not be doing recording after a few months of working on music – still more to come about that in the near future!) – and he (AJ) did a great job with it (listen to some of AJ’s stuff here.

    So without further ado…

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