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    2nd May 2011

    The Lioness (a poem that I composed as a text message)


    I know who you are.
    You don’t need to prowl
    for lovers
    late at night because you’re
    secretly afraid
    that you aren’t good enough
    for real love.
    And you don’t have to rely on a man for help
    or steal from the table of another,
    more capable,
    But still,
    there’s been something missing lately,
    no flash of teeth or low growl to remind me
    what I already know:
    You’re the undisputed queen –
    and the king? –
    is down for a nap.
    What is it that has tamed you
    or shamed you
    into consignment as a zoo cat?
    You know those bars aren’t real
    and no fence can hold you
    Spring up with swiftness;
    sail out of your solitary –
    but willing –
    past your keepers –
    who are no captors –
    for who could imprison you?
    Return to the jungle,
    remember your pride!

    the lioness.

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