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    12th August 2010

    Wheelchair troubles continue…

    Southwest sent me a new rental chair today. It was supposed to be much better. It is marginally better. It is a little bit lighter and the fit is a little better – but it still isn’t a rigid frame, and because it is a folding x-frame style chair I still have to put it into my trunk to get anywhere. It’s about a foot longer than my wheelchair so I’m still going to be hitting the walls trying to get around my apartment. And just to make it as functional as it is now I had to modify it, taking off the brakes and sideguards – but I didn’t get around to that before smashing my left thumb in the brakes. That thumb is now purple and sore under the nail.

    And to add insult to injury, Southwest is apparently trying to make up for the five days that I’ve already lost waiting for a better replacement chair (and the future 1-4 days that I will still be semi-incapacitated, depending on how long it takes for the repair company to get the part) by sending me a $200 credit to use next time I fly with them…

    I’m not sure what five days of your life are worth, but I would rather have those five days back than a $200 flight voucher.

    Well, it’s time to eat dinner and then maybe make a phone call to let them know how happy I am with replacement wheelchair number 2. Number 2 might be a fitting name for it, actually… but I’ll try to keep it clean. This is a family-oriented blog, afterall.

    I’ll keep the internet updated since I don’t know what else to do right now. Enjoy a few pictures of my smashed thumb, number 2, and for comparison a shot of my chair.

    my poor thumb!

    my poor thumb!

    nice upgrade... or not.

    nice upgrade... or not.

    my chair, for comparison

    my chair, for comparison

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