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    21st August 2010

    A mess…

    Is what the office must be like at Jensen Medical in Denver. Yesterday they told me that they still hadn’t received the camber tube they ordered to fix my wheelchair. Not only had they not received it, but now they said they wouldn’t get it until Monday or Tuesday of next week! They’ve been stringing me along with a different day everytime I call. Earlier this week they told Southwest the part had made it to their headquarters in Pueblo and they just had to get it to Denver, which they would by Friday. Then I talked to Jensen yesterday (Friday) and they told me that it would be Monday or Tuesday because it had taken the part supplier awhile to find the part and that they don’t ever do overnight shipping.

    But when I called SouthwestMedical, (ironically) the company that deals with distributing replacement parts for Quickie wheelchairs, I was told that it should take 2 days, maybe 3 at the most to find a part, and that they would certainly ship a part overnight at that point.

    So which was it? The part had made it to Pueblo and needed to get to Denver? Or the part hadn’t been shipped because the original warehouse either couldn’t find it or had to make it?

    Either way it’s totally bogus that it wouldn necessarily take this long – which is how Jensen is trying to make it sound. My guess is that they ordered the wrong part or made some other mistake in the ordering. And the way I see it, the longer this goes on, the more I expect Southwest to do as far as compensating me for lost productivity, emotional hardship, etc. If they don’t come through with something, I’m going to have to put together a song about the incident similar to “United Breaks Guitars”…

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    One Response to “A mess…”

    1. diane mcgee says:

      Hi Daryl. Wow, so sorry to hear all this. I hope you reach the people at Southwest who can make this right for you. It hurts to see someone’s carelessness cause so much frustration and suffering. But I’m really glad you are blogging again! And posting pictures of your awesome girlfriend. I think she’s adorable. And thanks for fixing this reply feature! Stay strong, Daryl. You are amazing.

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