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    19th February 2009

    Yes! I love Akismet spam filter!

    That’s all I have to say. It has made maintaining this blog a lot easier and more enjoyable. I always hated deleting all the spam comments, and now that I have Akismet, it does that for me. That’s great. It even filtered through the 6000 that I had left in my queue. So comment away on the nothingness that I have written over the past 6 months, and now I’ll actually get it without much trouble. Or don’t comment because I haven’t written anything worth reading on here in years… Either way, have a great day!


    2 Responses to “Yes! I love Akismet spam filter!”

    1. Laura says:

      Welcome back to blogging and congrats on your newfound love. Be careful though, those one-sided relationships can be tricky.

      P.S. good luck on your comps (6 hours of writing, what tops that?)
      P.P.S. thanks for giving me a name for a future child, it was something like Liaodecia, right?
      P.P.P.S thanks for the birthday wishes
      P.P.P.P.S ok, that’s enough of those

    2. Mike-e says:

      seriously though…that is dangerous putting part of your paper up…i hope it is a fake, leading us astray of your real paper, clever you are. also, yes has been years.

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