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    4th March 2009

    The SasqWatch

    For those of you who don’t know, my little brother, Mike, is a Sasquatch. Or maybe he is related to Godzilla. Anyway, he’s 6’6″, skinny, caucasian, has blonde hair and blue eyes – and he’s living in Tokyo this year on a college exchange fellowship.

    He recently started twittering – I think partly because he was bored and partly because his computer broke (DO NOT eat Ramen while using a laptop…) for a few days and he was trying to figure out how to communicate with people using the cell phone he has there. The name of his twitter page is The SasqWatch, and he has some interesting tweets, which isn’t surprising considering he is a Scandinavian giant living in Japan.

    The other twitter that Mikey and I have perused a little is The Real Shaq, where the man actually responds to a fair amount of fan tweets, and posts disturbing pictures of his own gigantic-ness. Which reminds me something I said that made a few people laugh the other day at a study session at the seminary. In reference to a remark about a recent semi-controversial Christian book with a homophonic title (and that I really found to be an interesting and deeply-moving book, though not one to base one’s theology on), I replied: “The only Shack/Shaq for me is 7’3″ and 330 pounds…” A statement I’ll stand by. I do love Shaq, no offense to my beloved Denver Nuggets, of course.

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