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    9th May 2009

    So this one time in Japan…

    All these people were staring at me and my brother Mike… Oh wait, that’s all the time when we’re in Japan. Mike’s been living in Tokyo since September doing an exchange program with a university here, Nihon U. He’s 6’6″, blonde hair, blue eyes – looks like he could be some sort of European athlete – and kids here… no, everyone here stares at him, compares themselves to him, asks him how tall he is, etc.

    I have brown hair, browish eyes, sit 4’5″ in a wheelchair most of the time, and am just visiting Mike for a week and a half. Turns out I can also be a spectacle of sorts, like when I’m getting on or off trains, wheelieing down curbs, riding up or down escalators, going across skinny bridges (think 28″ wide – my wheelbase is 27 1/2″), going up large hills (or down steep, rock covered hills)… Apparently there aren’t too many folks in wheelchairs here who can do what I can do. Heck, I guess I’m a bit of a spectacle at home, too.

    Ok, well, I’ll write more about the trip – and post a few pictures – when I get back in a few days!

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