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    7th February 2009

    Ah yes… Hello again, World Wide Web… (and we’re playing music next Friday in Fort Collins!)

    Umm… Hi.

    So… I haven’t written anything on here in a very, very long time.

    I’m sorry.

    If you’ve been waiting for me to write, and I haven’t, I could give you some excuses, but none of them will be good enough…

    Nevertheless here they are:

    – I’ve been trying to focus on school for a while. That doesn’t mean that I have been focusing on school – it just means I’ve been trying.

    -There are ten thousand (10,000) spam comments in my comment moderation que, and I really don’t want to moderate them. However, I’ve decided that I’m just going to delete them indiscriminately… so if you’ve left me a comment in the past 6 months that I haven’t written on here, I owe you a double apology because I might never get that comment.

    -Uh… I’m lazy. That might not be an excuse. It’s just the truth. I’d like to do some more writing on here in the near future. I’m going to try. I have a ton to do in the next several weeks because I’m trying to finish up my MA program in Denver.

    Ok, that’s pretty much it.

    But I really wanted folks to know (if anyone out there actually checks this still) – that Sauni’s Big Jump will be playing music at Everyday Joe’s in Fort Collins next Friday, the 13th of February! ( for more info on Joe’s)

    The show starts at 7pm with our friend Casey Kleeman, who is a fantastic talent, followed by brothers Dalton and Dylan McMillan, also fantastic musicians/songwriters.

    After that we will play some songs, hopefully including a few brand new songs that we’ve been trying to find time to practice together this last week… so we’ll see how that goes. (Nick and I were just practicing a special little piece that we’re hoping to do that will be pretty silly, but also pretty awesome).

    Ok, I’m going to try not to fall asleep now – why am I so tired? – and get some studying done!

    Talk to you soon!

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