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    31st March 2009

    “Welcome to Denver, Josh McDaniels…”

    At this point, the Denver Broncos new coach needs his team to make it to the Super Bowl this year, or he’s in danger of going down in the lore of Broncos fans as “the coach who wrecked our team”…

    30th March 2009

    A song you should listen to…

    Ok, one of my favorite things to do when I’m procrastinating is listen to music online, and there is one song in particular that I think people should listen to. It might not be the type of music you would expect me to rave about, but it’s incredible. Chick Corea (who made his name playing with Miles Davis) and Gary Burton (perhaps the best vibraphonist in the world) won the 2000 Grammy for Best Instrumental solo for their song Rhumbata. Check it out.

    22nd March 2009

    The one thing I did right this week…

    So this week was spring break for the schools that I substitute teach for in Loveland and Fort Collins. I was planning on working on my paper a lot this week – and I did try, but much of that trying ended up with me staring at my computer screen trying to decide how I should say what I want to say… and procrastinating. I kept saying that I would go to sleep early so I could wake up early, because I know that would be a better schedule for me to work from – but I would stay up late and then turn off my alarm when it went off in the morning. I even missed church this morning because I would have been 30+ minutes late, so I just stayed home, intending to work on my paper… but instead watched the ‘Cuse basketball game (they beat Arizona State, woo!).

    But this evening I did something that totally redeemed my whole week. What was that, you ask? I grilled a cheeseburger that my mom really, really liked. And she’s definately not a huge burger eater, but she had to admit that it was just really great. I enjoyed the one that I ate quite a bit, too, of course. My technique? Simple, classic burger creation: I mixed in some Lawry’s and made the patties pretty flat so they cooked evenly, and then only flipped them only once (and once more time onto the upper rack to melt some cheese on ’em) – oh, and toasted buns.

    Anyway I feel a lot better now – and now I should probably go back to, uh, writing my paper… or at least trying.

    7th March 2009


    We're playing at a roller skating party in Fort Collins on Sunday evening!

    We're playing at a roller skating party in Fort Collins on Sunday evening!

    4th March 2009

    The SasqWatch

    For those of you who don’t know, my little brother, Mike, is a Sasquatch. Or maybe he is related to Godzilla. Anyway, he’s 6’6″, skinny, caucasian, has blonde hair and blue eyes – and he’s living in Tokyo this year on a college exchange fellowship.

    He recently started twittering – I think partly because he was bored and partly because his computer broke (DO NOT eat Ramen while using a laptop…) for a few days and he was trying to figure out how to communicate with people using the cell phone he has there. The name of his twitter page is The SasqWatch, and he has some interesting tweets, which isn’t surprising considering he is a Scandinavian giant living in Japan.

    The other twitter that Mikey and I have perused a little is The Real Shaq, where the man actually responds to a fair amount of fan tweets, and posts disturbing pictures of his own gigantic-ness. Which reminds me something I said that made a few people laugh the other day at a study session at the seminary. In reference to a remark about a recent semi-controversial Christian book with a homophonic title (and that I really found to be an interesting and deeply-moving book, though not one to base one’s theology on), I replied: “The only Shack/Shaq for me is 7’3″ and 330 pounds…” A statement I’ll stand by. I do love Shaq, no offense to my beloved Denver Nuggets, of course.

    1st March 2009

    One step at a time…

    I took the comprehensive exams for the MA in BS with NT major at Denver Seminary yesterday (the degree I’ve been working on for two and a half years), and I think it went ok. I’m not 100% confident, but I’d like to think I’ll get an 80% average on the questions for a passing mark. It’s a relief, for sure, but there’s much more work to be done on my thesis now, so I have to get started on that. I’ll try to think of an interesting/funny story from recent history that I can relate to you (you two or three people reading this, that is [Katie R, Laura G]), because I know that is what I enjoy doing for this blog the most – and it’s what you enjoy reading the most, too, I’m sure. Everyone loves when I make a fool of myself somehow. ‘Til then, cheers.

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