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    16th March 2008

    what it takes to be a real blogger…

    I was just looking at the blog of a guy named Ben Witherington – a New Testament scholar – to read a post that he put up about a year ago about Lazarus being the original writer of the Gospel according to John, and I flipped over to a guy named Adrian Warnock’s blog, and he had something on it about it being his 3000th post!… And I thought, Dang, that’s a lot of blogging. I bet I might have readers if I wrote 3000 entries about interesting things…

    Check out Witherington’s post about Lazarus, a critique by another blogger, Adrian Warnock’s 3000th post, and a Time article about Re-Judaizing Jesus.

    Alright, that makes me feel like a better blogger…

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    One Response to “what it takes to be a real blogger…”

    1. Keith Schooley says:

      Thanks for the link to my critique of Dr. Witherington’s essay. I have great respect for him, despite my disagreement on this particular issue.

      Blogging, for most of us, is a hobby. A good blogger is one who writes as much as he wants to, and gets some satisfaction out of it. Enjoy your writing. That’s all it’s all about.

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