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    19th April 2008

    today is my birthday…

    I’m 23. Getting old. You may or may not think 23 is old, but I’m starting to feel it, that’s for sure.

    Welp, the weather is nice today in Colorado, and I’m going to enjoy it a little bit.


    4 Responses to “today is my birthday…”

    1. Linda Rubush says:

      Happy Birthday. Hope you had a good party. Hope we get to see you when we come out west in May.
      David think’s 24 is old..but not as old as 25.. his dad says wait till it is 25×2!!

    2. Sabrina O'Malone says:

      Happy Birthday Daryl!

      Got your CD today and me and my kids are lovin’ it and learning the words. (The hospital song seems to be the big hit single…on the first day we’ve had many requests for repeats and the kids love singing along with you…very catchy)

      Oh, and you should know that at twenty three you’re still waay too young to be feeling old.

      -You aren’t even old enough to sit through one of those timeshare presentations where they give you a few hundred bucks for your time!

      -You might not even be old enough to rent a car yet in some places…

      Uhh…I think that’s about all I can think of that you’re too young for. No wait…you’re too young for wrinkles, arthritis, dementia and other sorts of things that increase with age. Enjoy your youth young man, and Happy Birthday.


    3. The Librarian says:

      Happy belated birthday ^^

    4. Daryl says:

      Thanks guys – I guess I might not really be that old. And I did have a great birthday!

      And Sabrina, I’m glad you like the music – I think it’s really cool that people of all different ages can appreciate it. I know that Hospital is a favorite for my nieces and nephews, maybe ’cause it seems to be a good dancing song.

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