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    30th June 2008

    time off from the blog and cleaning out the comments

    i haven’t written for a while, and part of what was keeping me away was the accumulation of spam comments. even with certain filters on my comments, many still get through. in fact, since i last posted, there were some 650 spam comments – and 1 legitimate comment – in my moderation ques. it just took me literally 25 minutes to mark each of those comments for deletion. what a lame way to stay up past my bedtime.

    which is to say, i’m working quite a bit these days and so i wake up before six to leave my house around seven to get to longmont by seven forty or so. yeah, i’m going to sleep now – but now that i’ve cleaned out those ques, i’ll write again this week with actual news.



    3 Responses to “time off from the blog and cleaning out the comments”

    1. Laura says:

      Hey Daryl~
      It’s Laura Grigoleit (from Kelly Services). I just wanted to say that I was looking at your blog a little bit and was really impressed. So much so that you motivated me to try to start my own blog as a way to not keep everything bottled up inside of me (I don’t think my blog will have an impact upon people like yours does, but I still want to share some of my life experiences with others).
      I also just wanted to say that your faith in God is really inspiring. I was raised Christian, but I was never what you might call truly a devout follower. I have always believed in God, but I recently have had a string of years where I have had so many things happen that I have found myself lacking true faith. However, after learning a little bit about your struggles thus far(awesome scars by the way 😉 I am encouraged to put my faith back in the lord- it’s the only way I know how to accept all of the struggles and challenges in my life.
      So anyways, I just wanted to say thanks- you helped me more than you’ll know. Also, if you are ever playing in or around Fort Collins, let me know.

    2. Anonymous says:

      That is a TON of spam!! 🙁

    3. Kimmy says:

      That is a TON of spam!! 🙁

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