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    30th January 2008

    The past 6 months of work… (what has gone into making a full length CD, getting a lot of copies produced, and making a website where you can now buy them –

    So, if you read this blog at all, you probably know that I play in a band called Sauni’s Big Jump. And if you know that, you probably know that we have been working on a recording project this past fall. You might even know that the title of our album is Anything Could Happen. But I’ve held off talking about the process and all the work and making thank-yous and those kinds of things because I’ve been hoping to have a large order of CDs and a way to sell those CDs online before doing all of that – and that has taken much longer than I ever would have imagined…

    Back in August, when we started working with Don Mattson, of Loveland-based True Light Productions, I think that I thought we would be entirely done with the project sometime in October, and you would all have copies by now. However, it took us all the way to the first week in December before we even finished the recording process. Of course, the recordings are higher quality than I originally expected, also.

    For those of you who don’t know about the recording process, the deal is that for the most part you only record one instrument or one voice at a time, usually starting with the drums and then building up from there – but since a lot of our songs only have hand percussion, we started with the guitars on half of them. For every single part – instrumental and vocal – on every single song, we did at least 2 takes (at take is an attempt at the part that you want to put in, done over and over until you get it just right), but usually between 3 and 6 takes per instrument or vocal per song – and sometimes as many as 20 takes for some of the more difficult parts. And of course, we were even practicing for a good number of hours before each recording session so we would have each part as clean as possible so we could get it in the least number of takes.

    After all the layers were down, there was still mixing and mastering to be done. Mixing involves getting each part to be the right volume; adjusting the different frequencies so the parts don’t trample eachother; adding some reverb effects and utilizing stereo sound by putting different parts in different areas of the speakers (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to our myspace – – and listen to The Hospital Song; the opening lyrics are panned to seperate sides of the speaker system to give the impression that two people are talking to eachother). Mastering adjusts the amplitude of the waves in each song so that you don’t have to turn your CD player way up to be able to hear the music.

    I’m not meaning to spoil the magic of a good recording, but just trying to paint a picture of the work that went in to the finished product.

    Once the music was actually done, there was still the job of getting a bunch of copies and creating some artwork for the CDs. My friend Stephanie Green is an amazing designer and put in time working on the art (which you can see on our myspace music playing thing…), and I found a company that could make us a thousand CDs at a reasonable price. Of course, it took more time to ship off our files to Arizona, have them do their thing and then ship them back, but we got them and they do look really good…

    Finally, my older brother Eric, of and fame, worked on putting together our website… which became functional just last night. There’s still some work to be done on the site, but it’s getting there.

    Now, before I say what I want to say, I’m going to give a short catalogue of what getting this project to this point has been like for me:

    I’m a full-time student still, but over the fall I was spending at least 20 hours a week – and many weeks more than that – working on our music: either recording, practicing, or performing – or trying to get people organized to come to record or practice or perform or to come listen to our performances. And because for the first 5 months of the project I was the sole financier for the project, I was counting pennies and cutting corners on what to spend my money and time on. My wheelchair is in decently poor shape at this poing – the castors are about to fall off and the tires are down to the kevlar (I think I got Christmas money I was supposed to spend ordering new tires – maybe I’ll do that today…). My car’s windshield has a long thin crack that goes all the way across the bottom right above the wipers – and my trunk latch has been working on and off since October (I even had to have it tied closed with rope for a while!). My semester GPA was the lowest it has been since my first quarter in high school (it still wasn’t that bad, so I’m not going to say what it was). I didn’t shave for nearly three months.


    But now, we have a CD completed and a bunch of copies ready for you all to listen to – and a way for you to order them from us!

    So, if you’re at all interested in what the past 6 months of my life has produced, you can go to and order the CD or download MP3s of our songs. The album is called Anything Could Happen and there are 13 songs, 59 minutes of music, and I think it is all good stuff. If you’re not sure you want it, but want a free MP3, or if you really do want to keep up with the information about the band, you can sign up for our e-mail newsletter and we’ll send you a link to download a free MP3.

    And now, finally, thanks to a bunch of people: My family – my mom and my grandmother (Grandma Johnson), Carrie and Loren, Mike, my dad and Carla, my aunt Becky and uncle Bill for letting me crash at their place in Denver when I’m at school and for being super-supportive, Eric and Melissa and Josiah and Emmy and Isabelle – and especially Eric for believing in our music and getting involved with this project (he’s now our executive producer), Jeff Green – my music pastor and mentor for the Denver Seminary mentoring program – and Blake Bush as well as all of Third Day Victory Church, Stephanie Green for being a good friend and terrific artist, Ryan Green and Amy Green for being so supportive of my music, the Morgan and Jones families for being consistent fans, and of course Don Mattson and his family as well as Nick, Elle, and Jon, and Kristen, James and Julie Butler, Ben Johnson, Josiah Holmlund, Jared Banta, and Mitchell Vandenberg, who lent their talents to the project. And thanks to you out there who have been supporting me with your prayers and thoughts through the last several years. None of this would have happened without that either, I am convinced of it.

    Love and Godspeed,


    2 Responses to “The past 6 months of work… (what has gone into making a full length CD, getting a lot of copies produced, and making a website where you can now buy them –”

    1. Clint Kirby says:


      Just listened to the MySpace songs over the past hour. Really enjoyed them (especially the Hospital Song). The quality of the recording is tremendous as well. I like the doubling of the lead vocals on most songs.

    2. Daryl says:

      Thanks Clint, I appreciate it, ‘specially coming from a quality songwriter like yourself! Maybe I’ll see you ’round sometime.

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