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    18th February 2008

    Sauni’s Big Jump Winter/Spring Calendar Update

    I’m sending out an update to the Sauni’s Big Jump fan list, and so I figure I’ll also post it here for my friends out there in the world wide web:

    Hello Sauni’s Fans and Friends!

    We’ve been slogging through a snowy winter here in Colorado, starting a new semester of classes, and working hard on finding a few good places to play this spring. It’s hard to play too many shows while also being full-time students – especially since we’re students at three different schools in three different cities: Elle, Nick, and Jon are all students at CU in Boulder, Kristen takes classes at CSU in Fort Collins, and I go down to Denver to take classes at Denver Seminary. This can make practicing rather tricky, and we often end up practicing in parts – 2 or 3 of us at a time…

    Which is part of why we’re so excited to play shows – we all get to be together to play! We currently have 5 dates for the upcoming months, and we will probably add a couple in April and May, but we’ve been focusing more on the quality of venues than the quantity. So, without further ado, here are the upcoming gigs:

    Friday, February 22nd, 6-8pm (officially, but it will be more like 6:30-8:30) in Loveland, CO at the Starbucks on 287 by Hobby Lobby

    Friday, March 7th, 7:30-9:30pm in Loveland, CO at Sweet Spot, a cafe at 210 E. 4th St. in downtown Loveland

    Saturday, March 22nd, 7pm in Fort Collins, CO at Everyday Joe’s with Eva Holbrook and Bradley Hathaway (we’re actually opening for Bradley, whom I interviewed last month for an ezine – check out that interview at,com_deeppockets/task,contShow/id,48/Itemid,51/)

    Friday, April 4th, time and venue to be announced in Boulder, CO where we’re supposed to be opening for Dave Beagle at a benefit concert

    Thursday, May 1st, 7:30pm in Boulder, CO at the Rock N Soul Cafe at 5290 Arapahoe Ave, ste 1, where we will be part of showcase of three local groups (there’s a $5 cover for this show)

    We hope everything is going well for all you all, and we also hope to see you at a show sometime soon!

    And I hope that everything is going well for you readers of my thoughts and adventures, which I will post more of sometime this week, hopefully – sometime when I’ve done a bit more of my schoolwork!


    3 Responses to “Sauni’s Big Jump Winter/Spring Calendar Update”

    1. Jesse says:


      I just wanted to let you know that as I type Dave and I are rocking out to your CD. Well done! We love the music and are so proud of you. Keep up the awesomeness and let us know if we can help in ANY way!!

      Dave and Jesse

    2. Daryl says:

      Thanks Jesse! And I will let you know. Maybe I or we could come and play somewhere in Crested Butte sometime, eh?

      And if anyone needs a real estate agent in Crested Butte, let me tell you that you should look up one Jesse Ebner ’cause she’s great.

    3. » Blog Archive » Sauni’s Big Jump by Daryl Holmlund says:

      […] I spent time listening to the songs last night. The music has interesting guitar tunes, and the songs are refreshing. You can listen to the songs free on the album’s website: Sauni’s Big Jump . And check out Daryl’s blog for more about him and his plans. […]

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