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    30th April 2008

    no show in boulder tonight… and some press coverage?

    hey, just in case you for some reason thought that we might have a show in boulder tonight (because at one point we did have one scheduled), we no longer are playing it. i meant to let everyone know this before, but am lazy. or busy.

    probably both.

    and the loveland reporter-herald ran a little human interest story on me/sauni’s big jump the other day – yesterday? – tuesday, whenever that was. there was a nice picture of kristen and i practicing (she says, ‘i don’t even really play guitar in this band…’ and laughs, and i tell her, ‘it’s ok, noone else knows that’). you can check it out at the reporter-herald’s site

    and finally, i’m working at the test grading place in the evenings right now, from 5:30-10:30ish (i actually get off around 10:45) and so between trying to get enough sleep, go to some of my classes, get some of my schoolwork done, and everything else there is to do to make life happen (not to mention, not wanting to do any of the schoolwork or grading on account of having perfect spring weather), i’ve been somewhat busy, so if I owe you a phone call or something like that, these are the reasons.

    cheers! i’m here in denver and i’m going to study for half an hour, sleep for 5 hours, go to classes/finish assignments from 8am-3pm, and then drive to longmont, work from 5:15-10:45, go home to loveland, try to sleep, get up and do schoolwork, go to work, pass out, etc. etc. and on and on…


    4 Responses to “no show in boulder tonight… and some press coverage?”

    1. The Librarian says:

      You are so busy Daryl…

    2. The Librarian says:

      I read the article….you CAN move your toes.
      IT is so AMAZING!!!! Praise the Lord!!

    3. Daryl says:

      Librarian, who are you?!! clearly,you are a Denver Seminary library worker, which narrows it down quite a bit… I’ve got my suspicions.

    4. The Librarian says:

      Hmm…I don’t think you know me Daryl.
      I am an invisible librarian.
      See you around.

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