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    26th January 2008

    New Issue of Comanionship Up Today!

    I got to interview this guy named Bradley Hathaway – he’s a slam poet. That’s pretty cool I think. And I wrote a little review of his latest album/book. If you have no idea what slam poetry is, check out a video of him performing his most well known work, Manly Man. Now he actually is writing songs, which you can listen to on his myspace.

    To read the interview, click here. To read my review of his album/book, click here. And to check out all the rest of Comanionship, just click here. There’s good stuff on there. Like an experiment that one of the writers did with romancing his wife for 20 days. He recorded the extra loving things that he did and the results in a sort of experimental log form.

    And in case you haven’t heard, Comanionship is a webzine aimed at Christian men. Comanionship is like companionship for the man.

    Ok, my love to all you out there in cyberspace,



    5 Responses to “New Issue of Comanionship Up Today!”

    1. Anonymous says:

      cool. Hey, I just have to say that comanionship sounds like a gay dating site… I’ve had lots of people say that to me. Just in case it matters to you guys.

    2. Mak says:

      cool. Hey, I just wanted you to know that comanionship sounds like a gay dating site – and I’m not the first one to say so…in case you guys cared.

    3. Mak says:

      sorry about that double post, I forgot to give my info first and didn’t know if it went through or not, feel free to delete one of them hehe

    4. Daryl says:

      I think its kind of funny as it is because its like people are leaving comments to reinforce that what they are saying is true. And yes, I do moderate ALL comments on my blog, even from people who have commented before.

    5. Ryan says:

      The name is not accidental. I am aware of how it sounds. I am of the belief that men long for intimate relationship with other men, and need those good relationships to be better husbands or boyfriends to their wife or girlfriend (if they happen to be married or dating) and also to be men of integrity and faith to those they touch around them.

      I hope that visitors see that a male-male relationship can be a very important unique, vital and loving relationship… Father to Son, Brother to Brother, Friend to Friend. It just doesn’t have to be gay.

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