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    5th February 2008

    I’m back in school now… and in case you need a little incentive to purchase our music…

    …My brother Eric is offering a bit of a bribe to his readers to buy our music. He’ll throw in three e-books on internet marketing strategies for anyone who follows the link from his page to buy one of our CDs of download our MP3s. If that sweetens the deal for you at all, go to (you can also see a picture of me flexing for the camera on our trip to Mexico…).

    And you can always go to our site,, to either listen to or buy our music. And if you’re a little intimidated by the whole PayPal thing, you might now have noticed that on the left hand of the PayPal purchase screen you can continue on to pay without signing up for a PayPal account (though having a PayPal account can be quite useful seeing how as they’re probably the largest payment processing company on the ‘net).

    Oh yah, and I’m back in school for another semester, which means I’m down here in Denver at school wishing I was at home playing guitar.

    AND I missed all of my only class this morning – the one that I woke up around 5am to try to get to – because traffic through Denver was so awful following our latest snow storm…

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