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    18th March 2008

    Hey You! Win tickets to see Sauni’s Big Jump play with Dave Beegle!

    You guys might have noticed that we’re playing with Dave Beegle on April 4 in Boulder at a benefit concert for the Mental Health Center of Boulder County. If you don’t know who Dave Beegle is, then let me just tell you:

    He’s kind of a big deal.

    Maybe you’ve heard of Jimi Hendrix? Well, if Jimi Hendrix were alive, he would want to be like Dave Beegle. Same thing with Stevie Ray.

    When Phil Keaggy comes to town, he calls up Dave Beegle to show him how good he could have been if he still had all his fingers.

    Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton learned everything they know about playing guitar from Dave Beegle’s paperboy who somehow absorbed a small dosage of Dave’s essence while delivering papers to his house.

    BB King didn’t have the blues until he realized how much better Dave Beegle was than he.

    OK, maybe those items are not actually true, but Beegle has played with Keaggy, who calls Dave, “one of the most creative and accomplished guitarists I’ve met.” And Beegle was good enough in his younger (and hard rock years) to earn an audition with the band KISS.

    What I’m telling you is that this guy is the real deal. You can hear some of his songs at If you haven’t ever listened to his stuff you should do that now.

    So our show with Dave is going to be a really great show, I can tell you that right now. But it’s also one of our first not-free shows! Tickets are $12 advance or $15 at the door, and it’s for a great cause, so buy your tickets and come… but…

    Here’s your chance to pick up a pair of tickets for FREE!

    All you have to do help promote Sauni’s Big Jump online somehow, then email me at by noon on Monday, March 31st and tell me what you’ve done and you’ll be entered for a drawing that will take place at that time. One fan will win a pair of tickets to the show through the drawing. We’re also going to give a pair of tickets to the fan who does the best job promoting Sauni’s Big Jump – and Eric Holmlund of (a real expert on internet promotions) will help judge which fans are the most deserving!
    As for what you can do to help promote Sauni’s Big Jump, let me give a few suggestions: 1) Write about us on your blog or myspace, including a link to either our website,, or our myspace,; 2) Review our CD on iTunes or – to find our music just search for Sauni’s Big Jump; 3) Join and “favorite” our songs and then judge the music competitions until our songs come up and give us a good rating!

    And if you participate in our promotion contest, you’ll also be entered in a drawing to receive either free passes to Crabtree Brewery’s Springfest event (April 12 in Greeley, CO – we’ll be playing with a couple of other NoCO bands) or a free copy of our CD, Anything Could Happen! That drawing will take place the following week on April 7th.

    So help us out and get the chance to see us play with some great artists!

    Much love to all you Sauni’s friends!

    Daryl Holmlund

    For more info on Mental Music with Dave Beegle, see
    Check out an interview with Dave Beegle at
    And for info about Crabtree Brewery’s Springfest, see

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