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    27th February 2008

    Disgruntled shot-putters…

    So, I don’t normally post news items on my blog, and I know I’ve promised an update – but 1) who reads this anymore anyway?; and 2) I found this news item to be humorous and out of the ordinary, so that I’m putting it up.

    At the US Indoor Track and Field Championships last week, the winner of the shot put made some angry comments about a fellow competitor at a post-competition press conference. Apparently Christian Cantwell had wanted Reese Hoffa to bring him a certain size of indoor shot so he could use it at the meet, and Hoffa refused. Cantwell won by a few inches but then complained that he could have broken the world record if he’d been able to use the right size shot. There are a number of obvious questions, like why Cantwell doesn’t have the right size indoor shot himself – especially seeing how he’s going for a world record? And is there something else going on in this feud?

    In any case, there’s a little writeup in the Boston Globe that has some good quotes. Since the two will be together in Spain for the World Championships in a few weeks, the article concludes with this gem:

    By the time the US team heads to Valencia, Hoffa figures the bad feelings will have blown over.

    “He can trash talk all he wants,” said Hoffa. “While he’s in Valencia, he’s got to have someone to hang out with.”

    Now take a look at the picture of Christian Cantwell in the Globe article and tell me you’d really want to have this guy upset with you…

    Alright, I know that’s a lame post, but whatev’. Have a good one!


    2 Responses to “Disgruntled shot-putters…”

    1. Ryan says:

      I read here!

      That guy looks like he can get his own ball…

    2. Mike-e says:

      That write up is hilarious. “He could have just bought his own” haha.

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