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    8th March 2008

    Classes, Busking, Barfing…

    So, the three words in the title describe what my week has consisted of more or less. Less classes, I guess. There should be more. I should be doing schoolwork right now. That’s what I don’t like about school – I always feel like I should be doing something for it, but then there isn’t really that much reward for the present moment… Maybe I’m just a whiner… or maybe I’m just tired of school right now. I do like getting done with a paper that I did good job on – because that usually means that I have learned something in the writing. I just wrote a short paper on the book of Job, chapter 1 this week and I thought that even though it was one of the shortest papers I have written since high school, I still learned quite a bit from the research. Here’s a bit of what I ended up saying about the role of Satan in Job 1:

    The scene begins in 1:6 with the sons of God gathered together to present themselves to the Lord – and Satan also came with them. Satan in this passage is listed as hassatan in Hebrew. This includes the definite article (ha), showing that the term here is used more as a title related to the root stn (“to oppose the law”) –
    the Satan or the Accuser – than as the later common proper name of the Devil. Does that mean that the Satan in this passage should not be associated with the figure of Satan or the Devil? That partly depends on whether one considers the Satan to be one of the sons of God – with the divinely give job of testing – or to be an intruder in this scene, one who has already fallen from heaven and is making a surprise appearance.

    On the one hand, there could almost be a tone of surprise in God’s question from 1:7: “Where have you come from?” But it could also be the question that initiates the report of an inferior – and it is clear here that God is the one controlling the power in this scene. There does not appear to be cosmic struggle in this scene; rather, God initiates the challenge and then gives the Satan the authority to test Job. Tate assesses the situation well:

    “It is true that he questions the exuberance of Yahweh’s approbation of Job and earns a divine reprimand (2:3), but there is no indication of any forfeiture of status. He is skeptical about the piety of persons like Job, but this may only reflect the realism of one whose assignment is to observe human behavior and who knows the fickle ways of humanity. He knows that most people like Job have their price.”

    Andersen disagrees, arguing that the Satan is the only one questioned because he is an outsider, and he “shows a mind already twisted away from God.” However, Andersen does agree with Tate and others that while the Satan clearly has power (he roams throughout the earth) he is not much more than “the chief mischief maker” compared to the power of Yahweh. Concludes Tate: “He does not fit the archenemy described in 1 Peter 5:8,” though we certainly have here the foreshadowing of this later development of Satan’s character.

    Last weekend, Nick and I also went to Pearl Street in Boulder – a super cool pedestrian mall with shops and restaurants where there are always lots of street performers when there are tourists out – to try our hand at playing music for a couple hours (because the weather was absolutely beautiful!). It was a good lesson for us. We learned that we need to be a lot more ridiculous to attract people and earn good tips.

    Like, way more ridiculous.

    But we ended up hooking up with with an old guy playing harmonica and playing the blues for an hour and a half or so. The guy could really play, and he telling stories about passing out and waking up on the Grateful Dead’s tour bus, and at one point he thought he saw a pterodactyl… So all in all it was a pretty awesome time!

    And life was pretty good… until Wednesday night when I spent a number of hours throwing up. I think it was on account of something I ate, but who knows?

    We played a show last night in Loveland, and it went really well, but let me tell you that Thursday morning I was in great misery and wasn’t sure it would happen. I’m glad it did (thanks to everyone who came!); and I’m feeling better every day.

    Well, that’s pretty much everything – or at least the most interesting things!!!

    Take care all, and smile at someone for me today.

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