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    5th February 2008

    Also, vote for Sauni’s Big Jump at!

    Ok, so, there’s this site called, and they have monthly competitions for music that artists upload.

    The competition works like this: You go to their site and hit the JUDGE tab up at the top. You can then choose on a category of music you want to judge.

    Two songs will pop up with artwork and sometimes with a little information from the artist about the song. You have to listen to at least 15 seconds of each song (ideally more) and then you click on a degree of difference between the two songs, or if they’re the same, you can choose that.

    Of course, this means that you can’t just go to the site and vote for Sauni’s Big Jump a billion times – you have to judge a lot of songs just to get one of our songs to come up. But if you like music, it’s actually pretty fun – and you could take a few minutes to assess who our rivals are and vote them down, too (hahaha – evil cackling…).

    To see our profile, where you can find out what genres our songs are entered under and their current standings, go to

    And get to voting!

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