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    20th January 2008

    1048 CDs in the mail…

    So we’ve had a company called Disc2Day make 1000 CDs for us – the total package with all the printing of the cover art and traycard and printing the CD face and all of that – and they shipped them out on Friday… So I will have 1048 Sauni’s Big Jump CDs at my house somtime Monday or Tuesday-ish, which means I’m going to be looking for people to sell them to… So if you’re in the area and want a CD, let me know somehow. If you’re not in the area and want to order a CD, we’ll hopefully have it worked out so you can pay online sometime next week and then we’ll ship it out to you.

    The music is good. If you haven’t already done so, you can listen to 6 of the 13 songs on the CD at our myspace page, (and even if you have listened, you could always listen again…). You don’t have to be a myspace member to listen to music on myspace, so the only excuse you have for not listening is that you either don’t have internet or have dial-up.

    I’m excited about this.

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    One Response to “1048 CDs in the mail…”

    1. Mike-e says:

      That is a lot of CD’s.

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