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    14th September 2008

    Sauni’s Big Jump in Fort Collins, Saturday, September 20th, 7pm

    Hello friends, I’m sorry that I have been using this more as a tool to update folks on when we play music than anything else, but… eh, not sorry enough to work on writing more right now. Maybe soon.

    Anyway, we’re playing at a little benefit show where we’re trying to raise some donations for my friend Stephanie Green’s misison trip to Ireland and beyond. She’s going to a YWAM DTS training center in Belfast for some intensive mission training and discipleship and then on to an extended (2-3 month, I think) outreach trip to a yet to be determined location.

    I think that’s pretty cool, and so when she said she had made arrangments to have a little show at the church (Third Day Victory Church), I was stoked to be able to play at that show. And I was ever more excited when I all the other members of SBJ (Sauni’s Big Jump – the band I play in, duh) gave me the affirmative that they would be able to make the show.

    We really haven’t played all together much for a little while, but we’ll get it together and it will be super fun. In addition to us playing our Sauni’s Big Jump favorites, I’ll probably play a few of my newer songs, and JULIE BUTLER will also play some of her music. If you don’t know Julie, she sang on a couple of the songs on our CD, most prominently on the track “Anything Could Happen”. But beyond working with us and singing at some of our shows, Julie is just flat-out talented as a vocalist and song writer. So come and hear her play in addition to hearing us. It’s going to be great!

    Information: The show starts around 7pm. The church is on the southwest corner of Drake and Shields in Ft. Collins, in the strip mall that also contains Lamars Donuts – though the church entrance is essentially on the opposite corner of the parking lot from Lamars. The street address is 1119 W Drake Rd, Suite C-30, Ft. Collins, CO 80526. The show is free, but if you come, do consider making a donation to Stephanie’s trip fund.

    Oh, and one more thing…

    It’s also Stephanie’s birthday party because her b-day is the 18th of September – so if you know her, wish her a happy birthday whether you come or not!

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