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    9th July 2008

    The Boyd Lake Summer Concert Series (this Saturday!)

    I’m a little late in putting this up here, but we’re playing at the Boyd Lake Summer Concert Series this Saturday, July 12, from approximately 1pm to 2:30 or so. It’s going to be a ton of fun, and it’s the first time Sauni’s Big Jump has all been together since April, I think. Nick, his g/f Danielle, Mike and I all went out to their show last weekend (it was Dave Beegle and the Jurrasicastors – awesome!) and they had a great sound system and a cool stage and there were a bunch of people just hanging out, enjoying Colorado summer with some of Colorado’s best music. You should do the same this weekend!

    The show is at the swim beach plaza/pavillion, and to get in, you’ll either have to pay the parks entrance fee ($7) or ride your bike in on the Loveland bike path. Another band, the Holden Young Trio, will play after we do.

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