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    30th April 2008

    no show in boulder tonight… and some press coverage?

    hey, just in case you for some reason thought that we might have a show in boulder tonight (because at one point we did have one scheduled), we no longer are playing it. i meant to let everyone know this before, but am lazy. or busy.

    probably both.

    and the loveland reporter-herald ran a little human interest story on me/sauni’s big jump the other day – yesterday? – tuesday, whenever that was. there was a nice picture of kristen and i practicing (she says, ‘i don’t even really play guitar in this band…’ and laughs, and i tell her, ‘it’s ok, noone else knows that’). you can check it out at the reporter-herald’s site

    and finally, i’m working at the test grading place in the evenings right now, from 5:30-10:30ish (i actually get off around 10:45) and so between trying to get enough sleep, go to some of my classes, get some of my schoolwork done, and everything else there is to do to make life happen (not to mention, not wanting to do any of the schoolwork or grading on account of having perfect spring weather), i’ve been somewhat busy, so if I owe you a phone call or something like that, these are the reasons.

    cheers! i’m here in denver and i’m going to study for half an hour, sleep for 5 hours, go to classes/finish assignments from 8am-3pm, and then drive to longmont, work from 5:15-10:45, go home to loveland, try to sleep, get up and do schoolwork, go to work, pass out, etc. etc. and on and on…


    26th April 2008

    true confessions of a paraplegic seminary student…

    i just got back from watching nick and justin (who play in sauni’s big jump with me) play at a bar in boulder with another band (called big in japan), and while i was there a funny little thing happened, that i thought i might write down as an internet anecdote because i haven’t written anything really interesting in a while.

    anyway, there were a couple girls who knew one of the other band members who started talking to me, and so i tried to carry a pleasant conversation. one of the girls in particular i was talking to – you might even say that i was flirting with her just a little – and she was… how do we say this?… a *little* on the enebriated side.

    i asked her what she was studying in boulder, and she in turn asked if i was a cu (university of colorado) student. i told her that i took classes at a school in denver, and she asked what school. i replied that the school was called denver seminary… and she got a look on her face that said she was digesting the meaning of that word, ‘seminary,’ and figuring out what that meant. all of a sudden she was less talkative, and then a minute later i saw and overheard her talking with her friend (trying to whisper with a loud band playing is hard enough – doing it when you’re drunk must be even harder…).

    ‘he’s in seminary,’ she said.

    ‘what’s that mean?’ the friend asked.

    ‘he’s going to be a priest,’ she ‘whispered’ back.

    i couldn’t help but laugh to myself concerning their little misconception, but decided to let them think what they wanted to about me and my reasons for being in seminary – and priesthood or no, i don’t think i was what they were looking for, anway.


    19th April 2008

    today is my birthday…

    I’m 23. Getting old. You may or may not think 23 is old, but I’m starting to feel it, that’s for sure.

    Welp, the weather is nice today in Colorado, and I’m going to enjoy it a little bit.


    10th April 2008

    Sauni’s Big Jump at Crabtree Brewery this Saturday

    Hey y’all, I’m sitting here doing research for my thesis proposal (due next Tuesday), and realized that I ought to at least post a bit more info about our show this Saturday. After Saturday we aren’t playing again until May 1st, and I’m not sure yet what that show (in Boulder at the RockNSoul Cafe) will look like, whether it will be just a couple of us playing or what. Other than that, I’m not sure whent our next show is – we might take a little break from playing to reload and refresh.

    So, this Saturday at the Brewery’s Springfest event we’ll probably end up playing somewhere around 6 or 6:30 until 8 or 8:30. The party starts at 4pm with the Kingpins Blues Band, then we’ll play, and then after us Ben Pu and Crew will play. The event is 21+ and there is a $5 cover charge that gets you free pool and a free limited edition pint glass from Crabtree Brewery. It should be an all around good time, so I hope to see you out there!

    Crabtree Brewery is at 625 3rd St. #D, Greeley, CO 80631 and you can find more info about Springfest at their website. Hope to see you soon!


    2nd April 2008

    congrats to the contest winners…

    Matt and Kacey! They got themselves tickets to see Dave Beegle with Sauni’s Big Jump this weekend in Boulder. Look for more contests to win fabulous glittering prizes like poorly built katamarans (anyone know the reference for that one?) or Sauni’s Big Jump merchandise…

    And remember, you can still see us play in Boulder this weekend, it’s just going to set you back a few bones because it’s for charity and it features one of the best musicians in Colorado in Dave Beegle (besides Nick, Jon, and Elle, or course!) – and the ticket prices are still pretty reasonable. Go to for more info.


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