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    20th February 2007

    Westside Story!

    I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but my little brother is a kind of Big Deal…

    No, I didn’t just botch the quote from our favorite anchorman, I meant exactly what I said. Mike is playing the part of Big Deal in Loveland High School’s production of Westside Story. Big Deal is one of the Jets, who are collectively one of the gangs in the show. The show is going to be good all around with lots of singin’, dancin’;, fightin’, and romancin’.

    I would recommend that if you don’t have anything going on this Thursday, Friday, or Saturday at 7:30pm, or Saturday at 2:00pm, you should head on over to the LHS auditorium. The show is $7 for the general public, discounted for LHS students with activity card (I think), and free for senior citizens. Check out the Reporter-Herald article at: (I think that this page will only really be about Westside Story until Friday, but we’ll see…)

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    One Response to “Westside Story!”

    1. Marilyn Deloach Elliott says:

      Hi…just want to say hi and introduce myself. I am your 3rd cousin once removed. I have done genealogy research on my family and your grandmother…Margaret….her grandparts on the Fredrickson side are my great great grandparents….has provided a lot of good information on her family. I get Margarets Christmas letter each year….we finally met a few years ago when she was in Duluth, MN. My mother has of course known her forever…I remember hearing of your accident from her but I just came across this web site and thought I would say “HI” and so good to know you are doing well.

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