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    13th October 2007

    Two upcoming shows!!!

    Hey y’all! The band has a couple of gigs next week, which is exciting since we haven’t played in a while. Wednesday, October 17th we’re slated to play at Coal Creek in Fort Collins from 6-8pm. Unfortunately, this gig will most likely only be me an Nick playing. Fortunately it should still be fun and we’ll still play some great music – and Coal Creek will still have great coffee, tea, and sandwiches!

    On Friday, October 19th we have another gig at Starbucks in Loveland from 6-8pm. Same Starbucks as usual, by Hobby Lobby on 287 north of 29th Street. The whole band should be there for that show – Nick, Jon, Elle, and me – all of us! And it will be awesome, so come one, come all – if you like coffee, or if you like music, or if you like us, or if you’re bored! It will be great!

    **If you need directions to either place, you can find them in previous posts – or leave me a comment and I’ll post the directions or email them to you or something**

    ****As a side note, we’re considering the name Sani’s Big Jump for the band right now. If you ask I’ll tell the story behind the name, but I’m interested in what initial reactions might before knowing the story… so whaddaya think?****


    2 Responses to “Two upcoming shows!!!”

    1. 33 says:

      (=/=’) Sani???

    2. Mike-e says:

      yo, new post haha. not anything exciting, but i finally wrote something at least.

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