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    28th July 2007

    Three shameless plugs…

    Alright, the first shameless plug is that Nick and I are playing music again this week, this time at Coal Creek Coffee House in Fort Collins (north of Harmony on Timberline, see a map here). We’re playing on Wednesday evening between 6 and 8, so if you’re in the area, stop by, check us out, get some coffee or a milkshake or a delicious sandwhich…

    The second shameless plug is that my two brothers are currently hard at work in filming for The Next Internet Millionaire, an internet based reality show set to start airing August 15th. The premise is a little bit like The Apprentice in that the contestants learn about different business techniques (here it’s all about marketing, especially internet marketing) and then test themselves on what they learned by having competitions. The winner gets $25000 and a chance to work with Eric’s partner on the project, Joel Comm. Joel is a multi-millionaire, have earned a fortune on the net over the last 10 or so years. The show is going to be really cool, and there’s already a ton of stuff up on the site: Find out who the contestants are, who the the different marketing teachers are and whatnot – and get ready for the first episode to air in a couple of weeks!!! Check out

    And finally, the third shameless plug – and this one might be my favorite! My friend Ryan has created a beta site called Where Is Your Line? and it has the potential to be a pretty cool social research tool. It deals with ethical/moral issues and where you draw the line for yourself on those issues. Choose an category such as “Finders Keepers”, and the site asks you whether you think it’s ok to keep less than $5 if you find it on the street. If you click yes, it will ask if you think it’s ok to keep more than $5 if you find it on the street. If you click yes again, it asks if you think it’s ok to keep a giftcard you find in the street, and so on. After you find your line, you get an opportunity to write in your reasoning for drawing the line where you do and then leave basic demographic information. Maybe someday there will be enough responses to have a semi-useful data set. Anyways, check it out. I have recorded responses and reasons for all of the questions, so you could at least try to guess which ones are mine…

    Have a wonderful summer day (that is, if you’re in the northern hemisphere – otherwise, have a wonderful winter day!).

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