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    11th June 2007


    I love summer.

    The weather; the grilling; the outdoor concerts; the sunburns; the hot and sleepless nights; the working of lousy jobs (but making interesting friends); the eating popsicles and swimming; the church picnics that last 2 and a half hours longer than you expect; the weddings near and far; the having time to play, practice, and write music; and of course… the not-being-in-school.

    I’ve been busy – and a bad blogger (but I’ve always been that). I go to check my comments and there are like 176 of them using language unfit to be repeated and 1 that is from a friend who wonders why I haven’t written anything. (Actually, there wasn’t any from my friends checking up on me… doesn’t anybody care out there?…)

    And I know there was definately a different reason than blogging that I turned on my computer right now… Oh yes, I was going to look up some songs for a little 3dvc college and career worship time tomorrow night (7:30 at Nick J’s place, I think.).

    But before I go, I just want everyone who reads this blog to know that they are truly loved. So here goes:



    2 Responses to “Summer”

    1. Becky says:

      Yes, I often check up on you and I love you too!!

    2. Kimmy DV says:

      Well, it took me forever to respond… but I read your blog too. And, I love you too.

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