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    22nd January 2007

    So much to say, so much to say, so much to say…

    I’m thinking of a Dave Matthews Band song with that headline, but now that moment is passed and it is time to write:

    My brother Eric, along with his wife and kids (and his sister-in-law become babysitter) are in Mexico, as are my sister and her newly wedded husband; while here in wonderful Colorado (I used to think it was the most wonderful place on Earth) it has been snowing on and off all day (I woke up with an inch of powder on my car and another inch fell while I was in church) and just told me that it is 14 degrees (feels like 4); I just deleted 76 spam comments and approved 1 comment – also spam, but all it said was, “Electric toothbrush: Keep up hygiene of a mouth,” and it only had one link and it was to a page with links to buy toothbrushes (comment found here: Welcome to Isabelle!). I am kind of obsessive about brushing my teeth these days, partly because I like clean teeth and partly because my family has one genetic flaw and it is that our teeth rot easily.

    My younger (but huger) brother, Michael (see him at the end of February as the character Big Deal in Loveland High’s production of Westside Story), and I are both in fair need of haircuts these days – Mike says that he might go in for one tomorrow, but I might just stop washing my hair and start wearing headbands all the time again in an attempt to fit in with the other seminary students. Wait, that would have rather the opposite effect as the one I just described.

    Michael, by the way, has applied to only two schools, one of which is the University of Hawaii – which I think he should go to so I can escape the snow should I continue living someplace with snow after this year.

    And my sister Carrie’s wedding was beautiful. I could have and almost did write a couple thousand words about it. The reception was the most amazing wedding reception I have ever been to. The location was prime; the decorating was superb; the music and DJ were sassy yet tasteful; the food was off the hook (Cafe Mexicali); and the company was superb! The photographer was also stellar, but I don’t think the website that Loren is building my cousin Ben is up yet for me to link to.

    I played at a couple of open mic events the week of the wedding; had some relatives come hang out at Avogadro’s Number with me or show up and watch as I played with Nick Temple at The Wired Bean. Which brings up an interesting point: This Saturday evening at Everyday Joe’s in Fort Collins – open mic, Nick and I as well as some church boys and I will be trying to get some slots to play in. Perhaps if I find out when we will get to play I will post it here.

    I could also have written a couple thousand words about how when I don’t write anything for this site for a while, it probably means I’m 1) not doing anything exciting, and 2) not excited about anything; I thought about writing about this but didn’t – even though I had nothing better to do for a whole week, proving precisely what I would have said.

    And finally, I have class again tomorrow. I’m not sure whether I am secretly excited about this because it means I have something to do again – something to bring order and action to the string of sleeping in and reading the newspaper that my life has been recently – or whether I am dreadfully pained in my head and heart by the start of another semester and the awful commuting and procrastinating that it will bring.
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