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    21st March 2007

    Short hair, spring break, and a lead on the missing guitar…

    Starting with the news that everyone is most interested in: The Fort Collins Police think that someone pawned my guitar and they have found it and put a hold on it and whatnot. I have to go identify it – and I might have to identify whether the person who pawned it was also the person I suspect might have taken it from Everyday Joe’s. Unfortunately, I will not be able to do that for a couple days, because…

    I’m on spring break right now, writing from Durango, CO, where I have a number of friends – mostly just Matt and Amelia, but I guess I know a few others as well… Okay, actually just Matt and Amelia. Fish Wilson is also down here with a friend from Luther named Cricket, and we (minus Cricket) watched Men Seeking Women last night. This is an awful movie, but we watched it as a group a number of times in high school and it seemed appropriate. I’m not sure whether it was worth it or not and I don’t think I would recommend viewing it under normal circumstances, so I’ll end the discussion there.

    Before coming down here I made a stop in Grand Junction to visit my dad and his wife. We saw the Colorado National Monument and it was good.

    Also I cut my hair on Saturday last. I love the headband, but long hair is a total pain – and I’m not talking about having to wash it, because I didn’t always do that. I’m talking about it getting in your eyes and ears and making your head hot when you wear a bike helmet.

    There are many other things that I could say right now, but instead I’m going to go study in the Fort Lewis College library and leave you wondering what those other things might be…


    2 Responses to “Short hair, spring break, and a lead on the missing guitar…”

    1. Kimmy says:

      I like having my hair long…

    2. anon says:

      Hey, Daryl. I haven’t talked to you in a really long time, and I know this is really random, but I thought of you. I don’t want to seem presumptuous and I have no idea how you’ve progressed since paralysis, but I found this really cool article that I thought would be informative for you. It’s about how paralyzed men can concieve children successfully without all the expense that used to be necessary. You can find the article here:
      I am choosing to remain anonymous because I know that it is none of my business and it’s sensitive material – but I thought it was cool and might even be kinda helpful.

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