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    29th November 2007

    Sauni’s Big Jump on Myspace!!!

    OK folks, we’re more or less done with our recording – and I mean it this time. I’ll write more about the recording process and all that in the next couple days when I think that we really are done, but in the meantime… you can listen to a few sample tracks at

    Some of the tracks aren’t quite done yet, but they’re all sounding pretty good at this point.

    And if you like what you hear, come see us play sometime soon:

    Nov. 30, 8pm at the Annex House Open Mic in Boulder

    Dec. 7, 7-9pm at Caffe Sole in Boulder

    Dec.14, 6-8pm at Craig Hospital in Littleton (if think about coming to this show, let me know by leaving a comment here because its at a hospital and there is a limit of sorts to how many people could come)

    Dec. 21st, 6-8pm at Starbucks in Loveland

    ***And if you REALLY REALLY like our music, you should buy our CD. Information on how to do this will soon be available on our myspace and right here at***

    *PS – we’ve sort’of decided to go with the spelling s-a-u-n-i for our name (pronounced sawknee) – what do you think?*

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    One Response to “Sauni’s Big Jump on Myspace!!!”

    1. 33 says:

      Count on me on your Dec 14th show in Craig Hospital…
      However, I will be late b’cos I need to work till 6:30 PM.
      see you there.

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