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    21st October 2007

    Sani’s Big Jump, the story…

    Ok, only one person asked about the story behind the name, which I’m a little disappointed about – but I’m going to tell you anyway:

    Elle Price, who plays violin with us, had a fish name Sani. Sani was a beyta fish. One weekend at the beginning of the school year, Elle came up from Boulder to climb Long’s Peak with her family and her church. She brought her fish up with her and left them in the smaller containers she had used to transport them in the car while they went hiking. Sadly, when Elle came back, Sani and jumped out of the container – she found him all dried up.

    A sad story, perhaps. Or is it an inspirational story? Did Sani know what he was getting into? Or maybe he didn’t, but he just want freedom so much that he didn’t care what it cost? Like Patrick Henry he said, “Give me liberty or give me death!”

    Don’t we all want out of the little fish bowls we swim around in day in and day out? But how many of us are willing to make the move that Sani did? Very few are – and very few will ever taste the exhilirating freedom that I know Sani felt when he realized he was out of the bowl and on his own. (Though many more would be able to relate to the fish-out-of-water feeling that surely immediately followed.)

    ***On a technical note, Sani is pronounced saw-nee. With the current spelling of s-a-n-i, it seems like people might pronounce Sani like it’s the first part of the word sanitation. Would it be better to spell it Saani or Sawni or Sauni?***


    4 Responses to “Sani’s Big Jump, the story…”

    1. Mike-e says:

      no, sani i think is the way to go. oh and for the rocks…terrible absolutely terrible. I still believe in them though, they will pull through, they were just messing with Boston to let them feel good about their Beckett-ness.

    2. Jon Nikkel says:

      Indeed…the grass always looks greener on the other side. Sucks to be a fish I guess. That whole breathing in water thing didn’t work out so well for him.

      I found that out recently at work…jumped ship on one program thinking it was going to be too hard, and wound up on another one doing a job thats even harder…and still having to work the first one too…

    3. Kimmy DV says:

      I like the name. I think the spelling is good too.

    4. Loren says:

      I like the name and spelling, but it may be hard for people to find a band that they can’t spell.

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