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    25th February 2007

    Quite a week…

    Last week was quite a week. I had class in Denver; visited friends in Colorado Springs; ate Indian food in Denver with a hospital friend after class on Thursday; went to Westside Story Friday night with Carrie and Loren and Stephanie G – and it was fantastic!; taught some guitar on Saturday morning; went to the Saturday matinee of Westside Story with my man David and my dad and Carla – and it was fantastic!; then I went to the guitar store and bought strings, went home to change strings, and then went up to Everyday Joe’s to play at the open mic night. I went into the back-room during the first act to get my strings good and tuned up. Putting my guitar back in the case, I went back out to listen to some performers (I was scheduled to go last). After about 40 minutes, I went back again to check on my guitar – and there was my guitar case, open, with no guitar in it.

    Someone stole my guitar. At first I thought that maybe someone had taken it to practice or to use on stage or something, but after getting some of the folks working there to look upstairs and under tables and whatnot, I started to get a sick to my stomach feeling as I realized that my baby was really gone. I filed a police report, borrowed a guitar and played some songs, and have been in a bit of shock since then. It’s not like I’m angry or sad or anything – I just don’t know what to think.

    Now, purely for the sake of tying things together and adding volume to this post, I say this: You never think that things like this will happen to you. People steal, but not your stuff… but then it happens and reminds you that this is pretty much the way things are – the way things have been. Kind of like Westside Story – it was first performed in the early 60’s and was a big success with the youth of the day; and even though specifics of growing up have changed some, youth still have the same relationships and emotions and struggles. A timeless story, in many respects – it was, afterall, an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

    And we all are still longing for a place where kids don’t kill eachother, or form sides and fight eachother based on their cultural backgrounds – a world where you can leave your guitar in the back-room for a few minutes without the fear that it might be gone when you come back…

    There’s a place for us,
    Somewhere a place for us.
    Peace and quiet and open air
    Wait for us

    There’s a time for us,
    Some day a time for us,
    Time together with time spare,
    Time to learn, time to care,
    Some day!

    We’ll find a new way of living,
    We’ll find a way of forgiving
    Somewhere . . .

    There’s a place for us,
    A time and place for us.
    Hold my hand and we’re halfway there.
    Hold my hand and I’ll take you there
    Some day,

    What’s to say? If any of you out there see my Martin HD-28LSV (with a Fishman Rare-Earth aftermarket pickup in the hole), let me know, ’cause I sure liked that instrument.

    And now I ought to be studying or writing a paper, but I’m not really in the mood. I guess I need to get in the mood. For studying, that is. But I’ll leave you with a few more lyrics from the wonderful show that I saw this weekend:

    Good night, good night,
    Sleep well and when you dream,
    Dream of me


    3 Responses to “Quite a week…”

    1. eric says:

      Dude that sucks!!! That seriously bites. I wonder if the police are in touch with all the pawn shops in the area, or if it could help to call them? I’ll check on ebay…

    2. mike says:

      Indeed I checked e-bay. I think at least the loveland police have some sort of program with the pawn shops that detects serial numbers that are stolen, I know this since my bike was ripped off the other week and the police wanted the serial number for that exact reason.

    3. Todd says:

      You need to go to the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum and post this in the solten guitar registry. Many Martin guitars have been found because of this forum. Be sure to post the serial number of the guitar, or we can’t help you find your guitar.

      Google UMGF and you should find the forum at the ezboard site.

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