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    26th January 2007

    Open Mic Night at Everyday Joe’s!

    Tomorrow night in the Fort of Collins, I am playing with two different musical acts at Everyday Joe’s Open Mic. The schedule for the evening looks like this:

    7 pm- Welcome
    7:05-7:15 pm- True North
    7:20-7:30- Ron Vail
    7:35-7:45- Michael, Josh, Daryl
    7:50- 8- Suzanne Sinclair
    8:05- 8:35- Featured writer Susanna Childress
    8:40-9:10- Featured musician Kate Hurley
    9:15-9:25- Jason Hardung
    9:30-9:45- Nick & Daryl

    I’m pretty sure everyone that is playing is going to be pretty rad. The two groups I am playing with might switch spots depending on if/when Josh gets off work. I know that the people who saw Nick and I play at The Wired Bean enjoyed what they saw, so hopefully we can do some more of that pleasing tomorrow. Info on Everyday Joe’s can be found here.


    4 Responses to “Open Mic Night at Everyday Joe’s!”

    1. Kimmy says:

      If I could fly out I so would go.

    2. Daryl says:

      Thanks, Kimmy. If I could fly people out, I so would, too.

    3. Loren says:

      Sorry we missed you play, I just wasn’t ready to face any jokes from a new brother. We are in fact back in town and my blog has been updated.

    4. Kimmy says:

      How did Open Mic Night go?

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